Since the prospect of a procedure can be frightening to a young child (and also a child's parents), our staff makes every effort to alleviate the fears of both parent and child. You and your child should feel free to ask questions while in the facility.

We also recognize that a parent's presence can provide a great source of comfort for the pediatric patient. For this reason, we encourage both parents to stay with their child in the preoperative area before the procedure and in the recovery area following the procedure.

Due to limited space and privacy for our other patients we ask you not to bring siblings to the Surgery Center. For children under the age of 5 having surgery, it's strongly recommended that you have another parent or adult with you to assist you on the ride home and during the paper work process.

For the surgical pediatric patient we ask you to bring his/her favorite stuffed animal or security blanket. If your child uses a bottle or sippy cup, please bring it with you for after the procedure. Small children can wear clean PJ's to the Surgery Center and depending on the procedure, will be allowed to stay in them during their procedure and recovery time.